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1937 Fashions - IN COLOUR!

That Time Of The Month

I saw my grandma yesterday (B. 1929) and I asked her about periods back then. This is what she said (paraphrased):

Me: So what happened when you first got your period?
GM: I was 12 and I had no idea what it was! My mother saw the blood in my panties and handed me a pad and a belt. It was then that she told me about periods.

Me: What about tampons?
GM: I never even heard of them until the 50s. They weren't really widely used until then.

Me: Were pads "hidden" behind the counter or were they out in the open like today?
GM: They were out on the shelves just like today, but I used to be so embarassed to buy them! I would get my mom to do it (she says while laughing!)

And to make this post even more of a spectacle, here are some period ads from the 30s to the 60s and some douche ads thrown in for fun.


Need help talking to your 12 year old daughter?




If "men were men" in the "Golden Era" I surly hope these ads are full of shit…