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1938 Kenmore Rotary DeLuxe

Ever since I was a little girl I can remember my "mom's" sewing machine. She didn't sew a whole lot, but it would get taken out every now and again -- usually for a Halloween costume. It was stored in the back bedroom closet. The last time I think I saw it in use must've been the early 80s, where it was doomed to sit for the next 30 years.

In 1998 I became interested in all things vintage and one of the firt things to come out of hiding was that old sewing machine. By now, I knew it was actually my grandmother's machine from the late 1930s. I looked up the model number online and found it was manufactured in 1938. I was thrilled, since I dated it around 1945ish.

It was just a showpiece until 2008 when I seriously learned to sew. I actually went and got it repaired and it works. New life has entered the 70+ year old sewing machine 30 years after it's last use.

It is powered by a knee lever, which takes getting used to. The cord is very "mode…