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"The Ten Commandments of Dress and Grooming for Smart Women" (1925)

This is an article from a 1925 issue of Photoplay magazine on how "to" dress and how "not to" dress. It is hysterical!

The writer, Grace Corson, really rips into the poorly dressed specimen in the bottom half and I get a giggle each time I read it. She really hates those shoes saying, "And shoes - if such hideous affairs as these she wears can be called shoes..." and I also love the "vulgar jewelry" and "gaudy handbag"! LOL!

Click to enlarge:

I dunno. The lady in the bottom photo looks like she could be from the 1980s and her shoes could be worn today without an eyelash batted.

But lets talk about those "Ten Commandments" shall we? How many do I break? Well, the first one cracks me up in that it mentions "good breeding." *snicker* I'm glad we working-class poor folk don't have to live up to a "good breeding" standard today. That phrase makes me think of humourless snobs who think having fun…

Butterick 7451 - The Client Dress

I've been working on a dress for over a week now. It still needs buttons and a better collar (the one it has on now I messed up on.) I don't know if I want to put pockets on the boobs or not. I tend to avoid boob pockets because I'm a DD and I don't like more attention drawn to them :(

This was made in gray gabardine from a 1930s Nurse's uniform pattern (Butterick 7451, given to me by Miss Andrea Kamikat!), but I wanted to give it a more militaristic look. My main inspiration are the dresses worn by the women in the electronic band Client:

I'm going to change mine up a little. I'm leaving the whole front open because I like that. I still don't know if I want hip pockets (instead of boob pockets!)

One thing about this dress is that I actually took my time with it. Andrea traced the pattern on interfacing so I could pin it together, put it around me, and then determine how much fabric I needed to cut. The original pattern was a size 33 bust -- LOL! …