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I made this for my Facebook because I was bored: LOL. Hey, it made me laugh! Hahaha. My artistry in Paint is funniest! So Lisa Freemont Street posts a rebuttal on my page: HAHAHA. I'm sitting here dying!

Reading PA WW2 Weekend

It seems like I make it to Reading WW2 Weekend every other year -- lol. Went in 2008, 2010, and yesterday. Because of Reading's strict rules for German soldiers, a LOT of them have bailed. Where the Germans once were was an empty field. There were a few there, but it seemed dead compared to 2010. I still had some fun. I took lots of pics and I looked rather bangin', if I say so myself. Me and my Husband My husband, me, my friend Ron Hot car!! 1940s kitchen 2 gals dressed up -- no idea who they were! LULZ Nose Art I was told she was more vintage than It was a fun afternoon with friends and family. I didn't buy much. I'm not a re-enactor so I don't need any of that stuff and I don't wear real vintage clothing and I can make the equivalent for much less...but I LOVE vintage magazines! Yeay!! I have a collections of over 200 spanning 1912 to 1962! I found a stand that sold magazines for resonable prices so I scooped up a few: Secrets (…