Sunday, March 27, 2011

Risque Cards From The 1940s

I went to my grandmother's today. She's 81. I asked her if she wore jeans in the 40s. She said "Yes! I wore my brother's!" Then I asked her if she wore his shirts. She said "Yes, I used to wear his clothes all the time!" Just a bit of FYI from someone who was a teenage girl then ;)

She also busted out the photos and memoirs. She gave me a bunch of old postcards, mostly dated 1907 to 1913. Also, an autograph book from 1883, a map of NJ from 1929, and I took an assortment of 1920s family photos. If you're on my FB, you'll be seeing these in the next week. :)

She also gave me these risque cards from the 1940s! I have no idea whose they were or why she had them, but she was sitting there HOWLING while she was looking at them. She said "This was dirty back then!" Lol. I scanned them for your enjoyment.


  1. Oh my! Its funny how these things, while seeming cute nowadays, still retain their humor in spite of changing levels of cultural acceptance...both of us had quite a chuckle! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. These are so funny. Thanks for sharing a part of the past.

  3. Hahaha those are great! Thanks for sharing :)


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