Thursday, August 4, 2011

Real Vintage Lady Hair Love

I've always liked this photo. I have no idea who this chick is or where I found her -- maybe Flickr or Square America. I like this photo because of her hair. Her hair is imperfect. It appears to be like mine -- thin and silky. I love the way the ends of her pincurls didn't catch in the bobby pins (I suffer from this!) Maybe I'm just wishful thinking here, but do I see straight hair at her collar? Because that is me. I also love the flyaways!


  1. I too think I spy a straight lock from a pin curl fail. That happens to me all the time! Thanks for sharing! It's nice to know that real people have the same problems I do!

  2. This photo really is great! Her hair is beautiful and realistic, which is always a nice change from the perfectly maintained movie-stars' photos.


  3. Totally. I draw more inspiration from the "real" ladies of the 30s and 40s.

  4. hero-ette!
    With 'frizzy' matter the product...
    Thank you my dear for posting this :)

  5. Oh my favorite by far is photos of real people, including real wardrobes and real hair. I am with you in drawing inspiration from them more than anything.

    Flyaways, messy curls, saggy curls, frizzy, weird parts, you name it. I love seeing it. My hair looks polished for exactly as long as it takes me to step outside my bathroom door (and it's a small bathroom so that's approximately 1/2 a second). And that's on a good hair day. I just suck it up and deal, it's life. I think it's important for those of us vintage loving gals to remember people didn't look perfect day in and day out! There was no magic 'perfect hair all day long' pill back in the day anymore than there is now.

  6. chick is wearing a black silk bolero! and she looks perfect from top to bottom to moi.

  7. What an adorable picture! Love it.



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