Sunday, October 30, 2011


Do you suffer from backache? How about headache, dizziness, short sleep? What about that awful dragging sensation in the groin? Yea, I hate that one! And that dread of some impending evil.....yea, I hate that one, too!! We ladies need this. It helps with most derangements of the female organism.


  1. The Menopause tablets I take today have many of the same herbs as this remedy does. Perhaps there was a little something to their claim. Although I can't ever remember having a "dragging" sensation in my groin. Hahahah. -T

  2. Ha, ha! I love these old ads! This almost makes me wanna get an appointment with a doctor, just so I can tell him I'm suffering from a "dragging sensation in my groin", and a "dread of impending evil". I wonder what his response would be?...It's not easy to be a weak woman... ;)


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