Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dress #1 Butterick 4790 -- Retro '52 Walkaway Dress

For my first dress of 2014 I decided to make everyone's favourite (sarcasm) dress, Butterick 4790 The Walkaway Dress. You either love this one or you hate it. I'm mixed. Here's my final product:

Let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of circle skirts. I thought it was OBSCENE that this dress took 7 yards of fabric and I always look like a right dillweed in a full circle skirt -- hence why I avoid them. This pattern, Butterick 4790, is also crappily designed and has some weird fit issues. I made it a size smaller than suggested just so it doesn't bag and gape. I know all of this because I had made this dress before in May 2009:

So, it's a circle skirt and has poor fit. Why the hell did I decide to make it again? Well, I like making this dress. To me, this dress is ridiculous and there is no better way to make it than with some over-the-top fabric! I had that Norman Rockwell fabric sitting in my drawer for a couple years. I had five yards of it thinking I had just enough -- LOL! I ended up having to buy 2 more yards to finish it. I would have liked to have taken a lot of the fullness out of the skirt, but my skillz are not that advanced yet so I opted to shorten the skirt instead to right above the knee.

The version I made in '09 is full length. I wore the '09 version out several times. And every time I felt like I was carrying around a bedsheet instead of wearing a dress -- the back skirt is heavy and it pulls. I ended up literally carrying it so it didn't pull. Unfortunately, I only have one photo of me wearing it in the wild from 2011. I was 20 lbs heavier and looked quite matronly in the dress:

Hoping the shortened length lets up on some of that pull!

In the end, I admit it's a fun dress to make and wear! It really does have to be made out of some outlandish material or I just don't see the point in making it at all -- since it's not really my aesthetic and the fit is bollocks.

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