Monday, February 3, 2014

Dress #3 -- McCall's 7731 (1965)

I have managed three dresses so far in 2014! I'm going into a bit of a lull right now, but my spark will come back. I finally finished McCall's 7731, which is copyright dated 1965.

Let's start with the fabric. I bought it at J&O and it's called Vera's Garden Jitters. Really, it looks way better in person. Neither my photo or the link do it justice. It trips your eyes out a bit if you look at it too long. I wanted that "psychedelic" vibe for this dress so this fabric was perfect.

I decided to go with the classic 60s collar/neckline AND make it sleeveless! I pinned the sleeves to it and I just couldn't help but think it looked a bit "Thelma Harper." It's way cuter without the sleeves. I used the armhole facing for View B on the pattern envelope. Came out just fine.

I also pinned the skirt up to a "mini" length, but it looked awkward. Since the mini skirt hadn't really made a huge impact when this pattern was made, the skirt is not in the right shape to be any shorter than it is. I needed that classic 60s "bell" shape and shortening it got rid of that bell.

I also sewed a size smaller than I wear -- 36 bust -- but there was at least 3 inches of fricking ease!!! I pinned it on myself to fit. So excessive ease started in the 60s? LOL. I don't make 50s dresses so I don't know if it started then. I know 30s and 40s patterns are the size they say they are!

I do love all my 60s dresses I've been making, but they won't be busted out until spring. I'm craving 30s or 40s for my next dress :)

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  1. Such a fantastic It'll look amazing when you finally get to wear it.


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