Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fashion Shift and Simplicity 1609 -- again! (Dress #11)

I've been undergoing a huge change in my personal fashion lately. For many, many years I was all about the 1930s and the earlier 1940s. I do still love this era for fashion and still wear it, but I've been setting my sewing needles toward late 1960s and early 1970s patterns -- an era I NEVER would have thought I would make/wear/become interested in. As a matter of fact, I used to hold a bit of contempt for the 60s and 70s and my assumed idea that it was a time that "ruined" fashion and the 30s and 40s were spat upon. After reading a few books on the topic of 60s fashion, I've come to realize that is not the case. Especially the later 1960s when there was a 20s/30s revival. I first became a tad interested in fashion from this era in 2012 when I had a subscription to ancestry.com and had access to all the Sears catalogs from 1896 to 1993. I even made a post about the 1930s-influenced fashions of the era.

I also blanketed the 60s into eras -- early 60s was still the 50s, mid 60s was mod, late 60s was hippie. While this is somewhat true, 1960s fashion is far more interesting that just that! With that said, I made Simplicity 1609 once again in a pop-art comic fabric:

I cut the center on the fold. It made the bust area kinda looser and wonkier, but it can be hidden with a cardi. I just love this pattern and all the different "themes" you can make with it, but I think I'm going to put it aside for now and make some adorable vintage goodies. Like these:


1971. Green one!


The green dress on 9083 is very 1939 -- the puff sleeves, the collar and cuffs, the nipped in waist and full skirt! 5466 and 6798 have the delightful early-30s-esque flouce sleeves. I really have no idea which one to make first!


  1. LOVE that fabric! It's perfect ofr the shift dress. I must admit that I, too, am looking a little closer at the fashion of the 70's after previously not liking it at all. After all, I lived through it once, why go through that crapola again, right? But...it's pretty close as an hommage to the 1920's and 1930's in a lot of cases (but some are still pretty awful IMPO). With many changes to suit the decade, but still sometimes a 70's does 30's with a twist. Does that even make sense?! *LOL*

    Excellent work, and jealous of your ability to find these terrific fabrics1 ;)

  2. That fabric is the bomb! I love it in that dress :-) I'm getting that dress pattern and I was thinking of making it up in some sort of swirly, groovy fabric, but maybe I'll think a little more offbeat now that I've seen your masterpiece!


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)