Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dress #19 -- Butterick 6018 (Retro 1952 reissue)

Hey! Finally finished my 1952 dress. Here she is:

It was a little bit involved, but I could handle it ;) The fabric I used was The Old West and I thought such a busy print would look good on a fussy dress like this. I cut out the entire skirt in the cowgirl material and it all kind of blended into one blob of cowgirl tackiness (not that that is bad, mind you!) I had to break it up. Miraculously, I bought 2 yards of the contrasting burgundy colour I was using for the collar/cuffs so I had enough for the side front panels of the skirt. Much better.

For this one I actually bought and used some interfacing. I wanted points and points are what I got. The collar is so Jane Jetson I can't even deal!

The 1950s aren't really my style so I don't sew stuff from this era that often. But every now and again I get a hankering to sew some huge, fussy, annoying, uses-way-too-much-fabric 50s dress. I always end up looking terrible in them, but I keep doing it. It seems like the hem takes forever on these dresses (I hand roll my hem.) Maybe I just think it will keep me busy? I can whip up a 30s dress or 60s shift in no time. Whatever it is, I do like the endless contrast and creativity you can put into constructing one of these babies. I just like to look at my 1950s creations instead of wearing them.

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