Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dress #23 -- Simplicity 4019 (1942), 2014 & 2009 versions!

I'm on it! My next creation is from 1942:

Yea, that's me modeling it! Ha! This was a very simple-to-make WW2-era day dress pattern that went together fast -- much like almost every other pattern from this era. The most time consuming part was the pockets. You have to hand-fold them, iron them, make sure they are pinned on evenly...all that fun stuff. I also decided to make use of the fancy stitches on my machine:

You can also see a closeup of the fabric that is called "Butterfly Spice." It's made for Jo-Ann, but I couldn't find it anywhere online. I bought it in a physical store because it reminded me of a feedsack from that era. As for the construction -- everything fit together like a perfect puzzle and the size on the envelope is the SIZE IT IS (no 4 inches of ease!) And how do I know it's from 1942? I found this stamp on the back:

Simplicity 4019 was very easy to make. So easy, I didn't even really use the instructions. But I've had this pattern for a long time and I made this dress once before in 2009 -- my first year of sewing.

It looks ok from here, but I had used a zipper that was way too short, causing the front facing to stick out and the zipper being way too low (there's a safety pin in there!). I cut the skirt straight instead of on the bias like the pattern calls for -- and I always wondered why the skirt flopped inward and hung awkwardly. Heh! The inside facing is terrible! I had NO IDEA how to sew in facings at this time and I noticed I skipped them all together on a lot of my early creations. I either folded the raw edge over or used bias tape! The rest of the dress, pretty good. I love the fabric I used, too. Kinda gothy!

Here's one last look at the 2014 version on my dress form:

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