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Morrissey Handbag

Ok, I am a Morrissey lover and have been since 1987. So I made a purse IN HIS IMAGE because he is the only man I love other than my husband: I made it from Simplicity 4751 -- a 1954 purse pattern. The fabric I bought at Spoonflower. I really didn't think they would actually have "Morrissey fabric", but lo and behold.... Already been asked if it was an "Elvis" bag. Ugh. Lol.

2014 Round--Up!

It's the beginning of December and I don't think I'll be making anything else in 2014. I'm making bags for friends so that will keep me busy. In 2014 I made a total of 33 clothing items. Some were huge hits! Other were serious misses! But that's what sewing is all about. These were the hits! My favorites: Simplicity 1609 I made this dress in four different renditions, but this one was doubtlessly my favorite. I wore it a LOT in the spring/summer with my beehive hairdo and knee socks. It fit like a goddamn glove! Simplicity 4044 I wore this one out quite a bit. It's vintage-y, but still within the realm of what society would deem acceptable for those days I just didn't feel like looking costumey. Butterick 6055 I've never worn this one out, but I am kinda proud of of it. It was my "Honey Nielsen" dress (google) and it was fun to make. I would wear it if the occasion called, like a costume party. Simplicity 4019 (1942) A VAST imp…