Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Round--Up!

It's the beginning of December and I don't think I'll be making anything else in 2014. I'm making bags for friends so that will keep me busy. In 2014 I made a total of 33 clothing items. Some were huge hits! Other were serious misses! But that's what sewing is all about. These were the hits! My favorites:

Simplicity 1609

I made this dress in four different renditions, but this one was doubtlessly my favorite. I wore it a LOT in the spring/summer with my beehive hairdo and knee socks. It fit like a goddamn glove!

Simplicity 4044

I wore this one out quite a bit. It's vintage-y, but still within the realm of what society would deem acceptable for those days I just didn't feel like looking costumey.

Butterick 6055

I've never worn this one out, but I am kinda proud of of it. It was my "Honey Nielsen" dress (google) and it was fun to make. I would wear it if the occasion called, like a costume party.

Simplicity 4019 (1942)

A VAST improvement over the version I made in 2009. I wore this out with my Judy Garland braids. It's a bit costumey, but just enough to be eye-catching and not "WTF"-worthy. Yes, sometimes I just don't want to look costumey in public, but still want to stand out.

Hollywood 1391 (1937)

Never worn out, but so darn 30s I just love it. My fabric choice was spot on! It was fun to make and I really did rip it apart several times just to get it "just right."

Butterick 3138 (ca. 1974)

I was so in love with this after I made it!!! Having made it heading into fall, I haven't had the chance to wear it out -- but once spring hits this baby will be worn to my favorite places. Again, excellent fabric choice and I somehow managed to make it look more 30s than it did on the envelope art.

Vintage Vogue 9000

I LOVED making this. The pattern was rated as Average so it was a bit out of my skill zone, but I learned so much from it, took my time, and came out with an amazing dress that I actually do wear out! My fabric choice, the details, the fit -- I love it! It's not too "out there", but kinda is a little ;)

Ok. Those were my favorites from 2014. Now onto the ones that didn't work at all. Some of them I've already deconstructed for parts:

McCall's 7731 (1965)

The fabric was much uglier when made up (looked cool on the bolt!). The fit was kinda weird, too, even after I fixed it. It became more of a pencil dress on me than a bell-shaped shift dress. I put it on once and then designated it to the "I might need this zipper for something else" pile.

Simplicity 1598 (1945)

Bad fabric choice (I can't NOT see a baseball shirt!) and the fit was really bad. The skirt was fine, but the bodice was abnormally huge. Like, I really think they put the wrong size in the package (it was still factory folded). I know it was supposed to have some bagginess to it, but this was just wrong. I bought the sides in 2.5 inches on each side just to get a nice fit. Still, I think it's somewhat unattractive. I don't like raglan sleeves.

New York "Hollywood" pattern 4141 (ca. 1934)

I think this might be the worst one I made all year. I had such hopes for it, but it just does not look good at all. The gathers on the wrists just look terrible and the fit is all twisty. This is the second "New York" brand pattern I've made from the mid-30s and they both did not turn out well. Neither were difficult patterns, either. But now I know to stay away from that particular brand.

And that is it. I guess that's good that only 3 out of 33 were complete duds.


  1. YES to each and every one of those items.
    This blog is an inspiration, and you (darling!) are an artist.


  2. Can understand the issues you have with the last three projects, but they really don't look that bad in the photos.
    Think my favourite is the Hollywood pattern. The teal fabric matches so well with the plaid. Hope you will get a chance to wear it soon.

  3. Since I can't see them on you, I don't know how they fit, but the last two "duds" on your list look seriously adorable on the dress form! And don't get me started on that Vintage Vogue 9000. It is absolutely gorgeous, and it looks great on you!


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)