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New Sewing Things

My stuff should be here in about 2 weeks or so and I really can not wait to sew something. After a really terrible year which included the loss of interest of things I once loved, I am ready to start over again. I'm already running and reading -- sewing is next! Here are a few new patterns I bought: Butterick 6217 Butterick 6266 Vintage Vogue 9127 I also hit up a thrift store and picked up a few cheapies before I left Philly: 1987. Who doesn't need a Miami Vice jacket in their wardrobe? 1990. Couch cushion collection. 2008. Always love a skirt pattern! I've also helped myself to a few sewing books. Three books with patterns and instructions on how to make various iconic movie dresses. I haven't been able to use them yet, so I can't speak about that. But the dress selections are nice. These two "Famous Frocks" books are of modernized versions of famous dresses spanning 1930s to 1990s. Most of them have been way shortened and they are mostly "ba…

Shrine Of Remembrance

This post is not about sewing, but I've moved to Colorado and my things should be arriving from Pennsylvania within 2-3 weeks. While I am currently unemployed (but looking) I'm making the most of my days by "sightseeing." My first stop was the Shrine of Remembrance mausoleum in Colorado Springs. This was a special visit because it is the final resting place of Ruth Etting, who is one of my favorite singers. This is it! She's all the way on the very top so I couldn't get close to her. Some vaults had decorations on them pertaining to what the person did in life: fireman, a telephone operator, a guitar player, etc. Ruth's vault is so underwhelming and there's no indication she was anyone special. As a matter of fact, when the man at the front desk asked me if I wanted to see someone particular I said "Ruth Etting." He said "Is she your relative?" I said "She's a singer from the 20s and 30s." He said "D…