Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shrine Of Remembrance

This post is not about sewing, but I've moved to Colorado and my things should be arriving from Pennsylvania within 2-3 weeks. While I am currently unemployed (but looking) I'm making the most of my days by "sightseeing." My first stop was the Shrine of Remembrance mausoleum in Colorado Springs. This was a special visit because it is the final resting place of Ruth Etting, who is one of my favorite singers.

This is it! She's all the way on the very top so I couldn't get close to her. Some vaults had decorations on them pertaining to what the person did in life: fireman, a telephone operator, a guitar player, etc. Ruth's vault is so underwhelming and there's no indication she was anyone special. As a matter of fact, when the man at the front desk asked me if I wanted to see someone particular I said "Ruth Etting." He said "Is she your relative?" I said "She's a singer from the 20s and 30s." He said "Do you mean Ethel Merman?" (who has a cenotaph at the same place.) I told him Ruth was another singer, but would love to see Ethel's cenotaph, too.

He said people come in to see Ethel's cenotaph quite frequently, but he had no idea who Ruth Etting was. Which is actually kind of sad that Ruth gets no love.

The rest of the place...OH MAN! I've never been to a mausoleum like this. There were the huge outdoor vaults (where Ruth is), but is was also a church-like building with vaults inside just this normal looking building. There were different rooms with vaults in the walls set up like living rooms or dining rooms. I wanted to move in, lol:

Wall of cremains

The entire place was beautiful! I would definitely love to visit again WITH someone else who can appreciate grave sites!

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  1. Wow, it looks like a fantastic place to visit - or even stay! ;) *lol*


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