Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dress #7 -- McCall's 7184 (1958 repro)

It was super quick and easy to make. I HAD to make it in Dalmatian fabric because it's got that "big little girl" thing going on. This pattern came out a year too late for me to have a matching pup (RIP Lola 1999-2015). The only complaint I have about this pattern is that it was too short. At 5'7", it came to my knee unhemmed. So as not to lose any inches, I bias-banded the hem. If you're taller like I am, and want that classic 1950s length, add inches to the bottom!


  1. Amazing, that is another dress we have in common! I made that one in November and agree with your comments. I had to make mine longer, I am 5ft 8in. The only problem I have: I don't like it as much as I feel I should. I am a hardcore 1940s/50s dress wearer but I just feel a bit costumey in mine. I love your fabric, again I think I made the wrong choice with mine, it is a salmon pink which isn't really my colour so I was never going to fall in love, might treat it as a toile and try another now I've seen yours and feel the inspiration back. I made the blouse to go with it. Now *that* I love, perfect fit out of the packet, and made two so far! Happy New Year by the way!! X

  2. Just getting this laid out to make. It looks fantastic in the patterned fabric you used. I'm short and I was worried that i'd have to subtract length to get it to hit right. Good to know it should sit about the right spot.


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