Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dress #7 -- Very Easy Vogue 8396 (ca. 1973)

I loved the long one so I had to make it. I went to Joann's specifically to buy some type of ugly polyester-type material that was silky-ish and very flowy. I found a polyester/rayon blend with little psychedelic-style flowers on it in the bargain bin. I knew my long 70s dress had found it's fabric.

I've never sewn with this fabric before so it went all wonky and crazy on the machine. It kept sliding all over the place. It just seemed to want to be in a ball on the floor!

Despite everything, the dress turned out ok! It's not really much more than a glorified nightgown. I'm not sure I'd ever wear this one out, considering the fabric is a bit unforgiving. I seem to have lost my Spanx in the move, which kinda sucks. Overall -- it was easy to make and I like it. I just need Spanx!

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