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Dress #26 -- Simplicity 6098 (1973)

Last dress of 2016. It's a dud!! I already know the fabric choice is wrong, but I have to use what I have for right now. This fabric looks better on the bolt, though LOL. Also, the dress is TOO BIG. Looks like a shapeless sack (I have to pulled back). I no longer wear size 14 patterns and I'm kinda at a crossroads here with all the weight I lost this year. Yea, this one's MEH. Gave me something to do, I guess.

Dress #25 -- Gertie's Shirtwaist Dress (2012)

From her very first book: I cut out a size 8 and it's actually a tad too big for me! It's ok, though. That's why I have a bunch a belts, lol. This dress was also the first time I ever did shirring and I was in awe when I ironed it and it bunched up. /no life lol. The dress itself is amazingly comfortable and perfect for any occasion. It was easy to make and I'm probably going to make more in '17.

Dress #24 -- Simplicity 8256 (1970s repro)

A semi-dud! I think my fabric choice was probably bad, but I'm using from my stash right now and nothing says 70s like brown and orange LOL. Not a difficult pattern, but the hem is RIGHT THERE which I didn't like (not for taller girls!) and the sleeves are "Herman Munster Sleeves" which I HATE more than anything and why I usually make short sleeved versions!! Meh. Oh well. They can't all be winners!