Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dress #24 -- Simplicity 8256 (1970s repro)

A semi-dud! I think my fabric choice was probably bad, but I'm using from my stash right now and nothing says 70s like brown and orange LOL. Not a difficult pattern, but the hem is RIGHT THERE which I didn't like (not for taller girls!) and the sleeves are "Herman Munster Sleeves" which I HATE more than anything and why I usually make short sleeved versions!!

Meh. Oh well. They can't all be winners!

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  1. Actually I quite like it and the length rather becomes you. It does say 60s more than 70s to me though and I rather think the neckline could be quite irritating and if it was me would definitely get make up on my collar! But it looks like you have sewn it well and is a good fit. Nice!!


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