Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Badass 28

In my late-night Internet travels last night I kept coming across this photo with the explanation "Does anyone know the story behind this?" I'm sure a majority of the people know it's photoshop, but this is the source and the story behind it if you ever wondered....

The "Badass 28" are actually 1928 WAMPAS Baby Stars in a promotional photo. This is only 8 of the 13, which included Lupe Velez! In the photo above I can definitely identify Gwen Lee (W), Molly O'Day (first A), Sue Carol (P), and Audrey Ferris (28). Here are more photos of the ladies:

And each lady individually....

Flora Bramley

Alice Day

Ann Christy

Audrey Ferris

Dorothy Gulliver

Gwen Lee

June Collyer

Lina Basquette

Lupe Velez

Molly O'Day

Ruth Taylor

Sally Eilers

Sue Carol

There you have it. Not as "badass" as it seems. I have no clue who photoshopped it, though. Lol.


  1. Oh awesome, thank you for posting this. I've always wondered what the story was before the obvious (but pretty great) photoshop!

    xo Sara

  2. Love it!! The 1928 WAMPAS featured some of my favourite Precode girls - Sally Eilers, Lupe Velez and Sue Carol. Thanks for the great vintage advertising uploads. I've got a couple of old Photoplays at home, but I can never seem to have enough :)


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