Monday, July 8, 2013

Best and Worst Vintage Clothing Years (Mainstream Clothing)

I recently roused everyone on my FB up when I asked what was your favourite single year for vintage clothing and your least favourite single year for clothing. Miss Lisa Freemont Street liked the idea so much she asked the same on her FB page and blog. She chose 1956 for the best and 1981 as the worst. My picks were 1932 as the best and 1949 for the worst. A very popular answer for favourite year was 1939. The most popular answers I got for worst was any of the later 1940s years from 1947-1949.

1932 in all it's fashion glory! I love the lines. I *love* long, slim skirts with a bell shape at the bottom. I think this shape of skirt flatters my figure the most. I love the creative use of fabrics and patterns and the very feminine use to bows, ties, and buttons to make the garment stand out. I also love that 1920s drapey-ness is still evident, but art deco embellishments are beginning to take over. Gah! Could swoon 1932 all day long...

1939 was a popular choice amongst my FB friends. I can't blame them. When I sewed I almost exclusively made dresses from the 1937-1941 time period.

My FB friends almost universally did not like the late 1940s. 1949 was a year most people chose as "the worst." It was described as "frumpy", "bad lines", and "square dance dresses" by those on my FB. 1949 is my choice also. I don't like the very high necklines with ruffles and bowties and I think most of the sleeves during this time period were unflattering.

Currently on FB I am posting swimwear from 1897 to 1993. While the 1930s is my favourite decade for dresses, I have to admit I am underwhelmed by most 1930s swimwear. I don't like the lines and find them to have mostly uncreative designs. They remind me of a wool

My favourite decade for swimwear is the 1950s, HANDS DOWN! Look at these lovelies from 1954! They are feminine, creative, flattering, and hug in all the right places. The whole "pin up" look is one I admire. It's hard to be "pinup" in a 30s swimsuit.

So, what are your most and least favourites?

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  1. I definitely agree with you on the best era being the 1930s. However, I love 1930s swimsuits. An era I really can't stand is 1960's beach-blanket-bingo-beehive-tan fashion. That's when bikinis and navels started showing up. The hairstyles weren't that great either.



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