Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Most Beautiful Patterns in my Personal Collection

I am an admitted pattern hoarder! I have so many I doubt I will ever make them all up in my lifetime, but I am trying one at a time. These days, I sew for quality, not quantity, and I promised myself I would not start a new one until the one I'm working on is finished.

That said, here are some of the most beautiful patterns I own. I'm talking aesthetics here -- not fit or anything. Here we go:

Vintage Pattern Lending Library 2830. Art Deco in dress form!

1936. I loved this pattern artwork so much I made the exact same dress and also have her tattooed on me.

Circa 1935. Never made this one, but it's oh-so-gorgeous.

1937. The center one. That collar!!!

Vintage Vogue 1938 reissue. I think too many of VV's patterns have been lackluster (and way too many 50s full skirts!), but this one is frilly and lovely!

Circa 1940. I love the seams!

1949. I LOVE this long skirt! My friend Emily got this one for me for my birthday.

Circa 1970. Making this one right now. I'm calling it my "Match Game Dress" lol.

And the most beautiful pattern of all the ones I own has to be this one:

Circa 1934. LOOK AT IT!!!!

I finally scanned every pattern I own and uploaded them to albums on Facebook. I divided them up by decades. Have a peak:

1920s Patterns

1930s Patterns

1940s Patterns

1950s Patterns

1960s and 1970s Patterns


  1. OMG you have fantastic taste in patterns!! I too am a bit of a hoarder...its too hard for me to resist when I see a pattern that lands like a fishook in my brain! *LOL*
    Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic collection...and thanks for the inspiration, too. :)

    1. Ooops, forgot to whine about not having a facebook account so I can't see your other lovelies *LOL*

    2. My FB photo albums are open to the public -- I think you should be able to see them :)

  2. What great patterns! I especially love the 1920s dress pattern.


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)