Monday, December 30, 2013

Building a 60s Wardrobe

The bulk of my sewing since I began has been patterns from the 1930s and 1940s. The 1930s will always be my favourite fashion decade, but I'm increasingly expanding my wardrobe to include 1960s and even some (SHOCK) 1970s cute little dresses to my wardrobe. I went through a small 60s phase a few years ago. Two dresses came from it. Sadly, I sold the patterns:

Pattern was dated 1970.

So that was my brief attempt at 60s patterns. I gave up because they are NOTHING like 1930s patterns. 1960s patterns are like a hybrid between old patterns and modern patterns. I think I had difficulty with the printed pattern pieces and the weird instructions. I know this sounds ass-backwards, but I much prefer blank 1930s patterns with the most basic of directions ("Sew A to B matching vvv and ending at o").

But here I am making a new dress from a pattern ca. 1970. You can see it in my last update. Here are some of my 60s/70s patterns in my personal collection I'd like to make:

Dated 1965

Dated 1967

Dated 1969

Probably going to do that 1969 one next ;) But I'm sure patterns aren't all you want to see! The entire decade of the 1960s as depicted in Sears catalogs:











And there you have what your average working/middle class American would have worn in that decade. My dad seems to be right -- he was born in 1941 and tells me "the 50s lasted from after WW2 ended all the way up until when JFK got shot in 1963!" 1964 there seems to be a fashion shift toward youth. Then another big shift toward youth in 1967.

Maybe by my next update I will have finished my ca. 1970 dress :)


  1. Cool! and there's never shame in liking 1970's patterns - heck, a fair number of them appear to be 1930's redux in my uneducated opinion *LOL*
    Best of luck with all your new projects, and best wishes for the new year! :)

  2. Is that Cheryl Tiggs in the 68 striped dress?

    1. It is. She's in all these late 60s and early 70s Sears catalogs.

  3. i LOVE early 60's of my favorite eras. Not a fan of the stuff in the late 60's but I do like some of the '70's does 30's' that came out in that decade. This was a fun read!

    1. I love it all now! I want it all. Still not into huge circle skirts on me, but lovely on everyone else!


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)