Friday, March 21, 2014

Ugly Patterns!

I've always LOVED "ugly" stuff. Like, hideous, awful, terrible stuff. I think it's better to be this than just mediocre. So I've taken it upon myself to collect some UGLY sewing patterns. I have rule when getting these fugly beauties added to my collection: I will not spend more than $2.00 for an ugly pattern. Yea, I like 'em ugly, but I'm not crazy! So far, I got these:


The actual outfit is alright, just that graphic print!

Next two are from 1978

I seriously never knew I needed adult Annie patterns until I saw them. Annie was my absolute fave when I was a kid so OF COURSE I needed these!!! Can't lie, I love the bottom one and don't think it's ugly at all. I will make and wear that one! The top one, though, is just wrong.


It's sack-like horrible-ness struck me down! I had to click ADD TO CART.

I just LOVE that pink version! But I wouldn't have been caught dead in a dress like this in 1987. I was all long black skirts, turquoise Chuck's, and Smiths t-shirts.


I did have an outfit similar to the grey on ein the foreground in 1990. Except it was pukey yellowy green. I remember wearing it to our family vacation to Boston that year so I'm sure my dad has a bunch of pics....

And that is my small collection right now. I paid no more than two bucks for each of these, but I would love to add a horribly 1950s "Sack Dress" pattern to this collection. I know I won't find one of those for $2.00, lol.

Sack Dress

Here are some more ugly patterns from the internet that I sadly do not own...

You have probably already deduced that I don't like dresses that cover the figure. Most of these patterns are shapeless sacks.


  1. My goodness, you're right! Almost all of these are, those huge shoulder pads bring back some memories alright... Nightmares! *lol* Even when the "1980's does 1940's" thing was THE fashion in my formative teen years, I despised the shoulder pads (or were those actually football related shoulder gear and no-one told us??).
    Thanks for the memories, both good and bad... :)

  2. I quite like the purple dress on the second Annie pattern.

    Hmm. I too lived through the 1980s. I think that sort of clothing had been blanked from my memory. Gathered-hem trousers can stay in the past!

  3. My sister in law had a maternity dress in the 80s that I'm sure was that exact same one you've pictured last - all navy and white, as though making it a bit nautical made it better.

    Have to admit I am quite fond of the Nina Ricci kaftan though. you could do some good wafting around the house in that!

  4. I have some awful kaftan patterns from the 70s. What a time that was!

    I do plan on making some wide leg knit pants from a 70s pattern though. I hope they will have that classic Goucho look when I make them shorter. We will find out...


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)