Friday, March 28, 2014

Advance 7751 -- Friday Flashback

Let's go back to October 2008. I had only just learned to sew in September and I had made a suspender dress with the girl who taught me. She sent me on my way with a 1950s apron pattern, Advance 7751 (ca. 1956), and I was on my own! I remember buying my choice fabric at Wal-Mart and I eagerly brought it home to make my first creation!

Now, it looks pretty simple and I could probably make this without the aid of instructions. But in 2008, I was confused about everything! Lol. I remember staring at the instructions and reading them over and over. I would compare the drawings to the fabric pieces I had in my hand. How did all this fit together? I knew some basic stuff and built off of that. The result:

Freaky, no left arm tattoos!

Well, my first mistake was not cutting on the fold! Something as basic (now) as that was lost on me in 2008. I didn't realize it until I went to sew it together. The fabric was laid out flat and I cut two apron pieces both facing the same way. I actually cut one of everything out, haha. I had no flipping clue what FACING was in 2008. Way beyond my skill level.

Instead of facing, I hemmed the entire thing! Even that scalloped edge! I don't even think I used pins to secure it. I don't think I had any at that point.

The entire waistband I just kind of made up as I went along. It is passable on the outside -- a confusing mess on the inside!

The only thing I did really well was the pocket. I folded over the entire raw edge and sewed it on with topstitching, pretty close to the edge. The shape isn't bad, either, for a beginner.

I practiced and practiced on this pattern! My very next creation in the same month (October 2008) came out like this:

I learned facing! Yeay!

11-2008, I made this for my MIL:

Look at how much better I got in just 3 aprons! I still have the first apron and use it. It's hanging in my kitchen. I also like it because it's a reminder of how much better I've become. The pink one has been thrown away. MIL has hers and refuses to use it. Has anyone else kept their very first creation? What was it like?

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