Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dress #10 -- Simplicity 6085 (1965)

I did hit a lull with this one:

While making it, I just did not like the way it was turning out. The pattern was MUCH longer than where I hemmed it. I cut off about 6 inches so it was right above the knee like the drawing. Also, when I was making it, because of the longness, it just kind draped flat and didn't have that classic 1960s bell shape. It wasn't until I shortened it that the bell came alive! That made me happy! Otherwise, it just looked completely un-vintagey; like something you could buy in the mall today.

I cut out the pieces for a blouse, but ended up just doing the skirt. That's how unsatisfied I was with this pattern. Good news, though -- I'm making yet another themed Simplicity 1609! I love that freaking dress!

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