Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dress #17 -- Simplicity 3833 (1960s repro)

Hey there! My weekend sewing has come to an end. I have to put the machine away for a bit before my back stays in a permanent hunch! Hehe! Last night and most of today I completed the 1960s reissue Simplicity 3833 shift dress. Once again, I am impressed with Simplicity's perfect sizing to my figure. The results:

I paid 0.56 cents for this in an extreme JoAnn pattern sale!

The main fabric used is Alexander Henry's Vinyl Vacation that I bought at J&O. As I was making it I thought the blue bodice was just, well, too blue. And it began reminding me of scrubs. During the process of putting it together I hoped it wasn't going to end up looking like fancy scrubs! Or even worse...a maternity dress! I always get nervous when my dresses are in that half-sewn "sack" stage. I know I shouldn't ever judge how the final product will look in that stage, but I always do! I was kinda worried about all that BLUE so I decided it needed something to break it up a bit.

The Sack Stage!

First, I cut out the sleeves in the Vinyl Vacation fabric to break it up. I pinned them on, but hated them. I have decided I strongly dislike sleeves on shift dresses. Short sleeves (long sleeves are great, though!) Short sleeves on shifts remind me of Thelma Harper every single time I attach them! Now, I love me some Mama, but her look is not what I am going for. She's the same reason I stay away from "couch cushion" florals!

Then it occurred to me: This dress is almost the same exact construction as Simplicity 1609, especially the neckline and the way the facing is attached. Why don't I use the scalloped collar from 1609 to break up the blueness? What a great idea!

That little tiny bit adds enough ZING!

I also decided to add the belt bits to the back. Again, too much novelty fabric and it needed to be broken up. Paired with a blue zipper, it came out better than I though it would!

This dress is so SUMMER PICNIC I can't even deal. I love it and it's possible I'll make it again in solid colour blocks (something I've been wanting to make forever!) I still think 1609 is a better pattern, though. It makes me look slender and I have endless "themes" for it. And speaking of 1609, last night I scored the ORIGINAL 1965 version on Etsy -- IN MY SIZE! Beyond thrilled:

That's it for now. I hope you are enjoying your weekend endeavors, whether they involve sewing or not!


  1. Too cute. I almost bought that fabric on a recent trip to Florida. I might have to score some now.

    I'm digging all the shift dresses I'm seeing lately. I might have to peruse the stash and make one too!

  2. OMG! Jiffy Dresses are the BEST and I am, as usual, very, very jealous of your awesome fabrics. :)


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