Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dress #28 -- Simplicity 1253 (1944)

Hey! It took me a little while, but I made this 1944 Simplicity dress:


The bodice went together well with the princess seams and all. Then I sewed the skirt pieces together and gathered them entirely sewn together! The instructions called for it so I did it! It wasn't difficult, just annoying. This time I used TWO gathering stitches instead of one. I still need to work on it a bit, but it does look less "twisty." The points on the skirt/bodice seam gave me a little bit of trouble, and they are not even, but I added the little bows to cover them up!

The animal print on the sleeve band was my own addition. I thought something needed to set the neckline off. The neckline was the hardest part. Not so much the front, but the back where it overlaps the button facings. I had to make some stuff up at that point, but my hair hides it! To top the dress off, I decided on 13 small, dark green buttons. I like the complimentary color scheme and I think a long row of small buttons is more eye-catching!

Another thing I realized with this dress is that I fit size 18 in 1940s Simplicity patterns perfectly. No alterations. I made a size 20 Simplicity pattern from 1945 and it was way ginormous.


  1. The first thought that entered my mind was boy, that's pretty! Excellent job! I love seeing your talented creations come alive:) I think the accent of animal print was an awesome idea and ads a lot of debt to the dress.

  2. Oh my word that is gorgeous! I love the leopard, it's so sassy!

  3. Beautiful! Great color, great fit.


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