Friday, September 19, 2014

My Outfit From 1997

The 1990s. I graduated high school in 1993. I guess most of the 90s would be my "coming of age" decade. During the 90s I was painfully aware of everything being "90s" -- clothes, music, movies, TV, slang, etc. And as a result, I saved some of my 90s clothes because I knew one day they would be sought-after. One of my favorite outfits is this number I bought in 1997. I took very good care of it because I knew it was "90s as fuck" even then. Unfortunately, it does not fit me as well as it did in 1997, but here she is on my dress form. Let's have a look:

Isn't she adorable? I loved the bright, clashing orange and yellow paired with the 100% polyester fabric. It was definitely a 90s-does-70s look and I had to have it! I remember where I bought this -- Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA.

It's a cute two-piece with a cute little mini-skirt. The pockets are all fully functional. One day I wore this skirt with darker underwear and someone told me they could see through it....oops! So, the material is a bit see-through. I'd have to wear a Spanx under it if it still fit me -- just to hide my undies!

Design detail.

Care label.

"26 Red Sugar" was the brand. Not sure if they are still around, but I seem to recall seeing their items mainly in skating/surfing shops that were rampant in the 90s. I know I had other clothing items by this company, but this one was my favorite!

Ooooh, I found an overlock chain!!!

Overall, the dress is pretty nicely made. It's fully surged, The facings are neat, stitches are straight. The skirt has an invisible zipper in the back and the bottom is not sewn in (a pet peeve of mine!) The material used is a nice polyester that is wrinkle-free and snag-free. If it fit I would probably wear this! I'm pretty sure my body shape has changed a bit since I was 22 years old so this may never fit me again. But maybe it can be my retirement fund when 90s fashion is "all the rage" in 2034. LOL.

I found this picture of me wearing this from 1998! Soooo 90s!


  1. Awww, you look cute!! *lol* Wow, does that bring back memories, though, thanks for posting. And loving that nail colour in the pics - looks like black, but with a blue undertone...or something like that. In any case, NICE! :)

    1. Nail polish is MAC "Ming Blue" -- a LE polish. It's very, very dark blue with very faint sparkles if held up to the light.


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