Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dress #33 -- Butterick 5880 (1951 reproduction) and Simplicity 4751 (1954)

This dress is not one of my favorites. I thought it would be a challenge to make, but it was really easy and quick. The rundown:

I lined the bodice, but decided to not line the skirt and it is just fine. I'm glad I didn't -- the hem on this dress is so narrow I can't take full strides and it squishes my boobs when putting it on! I couldn't imagine adding more bulk to that. A slip is just fine.

I hand sewed the bunches at the side. The pattern has you do it by machine, but I found hand to be easier and looks better.

As I knew it would, the neckline gapes on me. I have narrow shoulders and collarbone area, but large boobs (36D). If it fits the bust, it ain't gonna fit the shoulders and my skills aren't good enough to fix this yet.

DAT HEM! Jesus! It's so narrow! I can't take full strides and I feel like I'm wearing a hobble Maybe this dress would be better made out of a stretchy material. The skirt is really, really narrow. I know it gives it that "look", but I just don't find it practical -- even for dressing up and going out (I walk with long, fast strides!)

First bag I ever made. It was very easy. The only thing that needs changing is the interfacing. I used apparel interfacing (all I had!), but it really should be nice, stiff craft interfacing! I'm going to buy a whole bunch after this shopping weekend madness! I will be obnoxious with my bag-matching!


  1. Oh love it.....
    Where did you get the fabric, i must have it!

  2. Oh and in regards to the shoulder/ boobs fit issue; go by high bust mesurement. Shoulders will fit than and do an fba to fit the bust. Its pretty easy to do

  3. I'm really surprised there is no back vent? There should be in a skirt like that. I wonder if they missed it off the pattern when redrafting or it never had one. OR, the side seam on your right should have the vent hidden under the top fold somehow?

    1. No vents anywhere on the pattern! I can make one (don't know why I didn't think of this!) The back piece was meant to be cut on the fold, but I cut it in the middle because I didn't want to waste fabric. I added the seam allowance -- I can open it up. DURH!

    2. The dress looks nice, I love the print :) With regards to the hem/lack of vent issue, I think one should bear in mind that this is a pattern from the wiggle dress era. It is supposed to hobble the wearer slightly so that in order to walk, you take smaller strides and wiggle your hips (hence the term). These dresses are not for stomping about, but rather for slinky-ing around with cat like grace and elegance :) The full skirted 50s dresses were meant more for the misses, or younger wearers that hadn't yet mastered "the woman walk".


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