Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dress #4 -- Butterick 6217 (2015)

I MADE SOMETHING!!! It's been 10 months so I don't think it's the best, but I still have my sewing mojo.

There are a few crooked lines and I actually temporarily forgot what some of the stitches were on my machine, but it kept me busy of the last few days and I'm really excited I'm sewing again.

Unfortunately, I could not find my soft apparel interfacing so I used a stiffer type I use for handbags. That is one thing I don't like as it makes the top stick out a bit at the neckline. It doesn't EXPOSE anything (lol), but I'd prefer it to sit flatter. Oh well. I'm also excited to show off my slimmer figure. I made this top out of a size 12 instead of a 14:

There were a few things "wrong" with the pattern. First, the facing didn't match the bodice. Mine was too short. I took out the shoulder seams and that helped. Also, the petal sleeves didn't fit in the armholes. If you match the big O's and baste like the pattern says, they will be way too large. Just keep them unbasted and wrap them into the sleeve hole. Then stitch. They'll fit then! I also do not like pre-clipping corners. It always looks like shit. I prefer to clip them once everything is in place. Having forgot this, I pre-clipped and they didn't match up with the stitch line.

Despite it's issues, it's a cute top and the tie is almost like a built-in bra, lol. I don't know if I would ever actually wear this shirt anywhere, but it was perfect to get my sewing creativity and skills back.


  1. I really like the patterns by gertie line but have never worked with one... I wonder if all of them will come with that challenges you faced?


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