Saturday, December 5, 2015

1935 Knitted "Simple Jumper"

I can knit, but nothing intricate and I usually end up abandoning projects because I think knitting is boring. With that said, my grandmother KNITS LIKE THE WORLD IS GOING TO END. One day she'll have a couple rows of something and the next day it will be this large, intricate sweater that is 80% complete, lol. She told me to send any sweater pattern I like and she will have a go at it. Lo and behold:

Please excuse the fabric pile and the TP!(!!)

I found the pattern online at the fabulous blog The Vintage Pattern Files that has a pattern for pretty much everything you could imagine from Victorian to the 1970s. Browsing the "1930s" tab, I decided on this 1935 Simple Jumper because I loved the art deco-ish neckline.

Paired with a self-made (no pattern used) 1930s-style skirt I made, the sweater goes perfectly. Added a belt for that extra 1930s touch! I am very happy with it. My grandmother knows my favorite colors are pink and red so I'm extra happy. I'm scared to wear it, though, lol.

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  1. Oh man, I envy you! I wish my grandmother knitted and offered such services. The sweater is amazing!


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)