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Dress #3 -- Butterick 6211 (1953 repro)

I made this dress out of very cheap, nasty fabric from my stash thinking I wouldn't like it very much....but I love it LOL. I love this pattern and I think it would be great in a nicer fabric. I like they way mine LOOKS (looks quite 80s!), but that black fabric is just so gross. It's stiff and cheap. I've had it in my stash for YEARS because it is so nasty. I have no idea why I bought so much of it (6 yards!). Oh well. This pattern is labeled as "Average", but I though it was easy. Didn't take take long, either.

Dress #2 -- Simplicity 7283 (1985)

I ADORE this shirt!! It is sooooo 80s! The back hem is longer than the front hem and I distinctly remember wearing that style in 5th grade (1985/86!). The fabric gives it a "Miami Vice" feel and I purposely upped the "80s"ness of it by belting it, rolling the sleeves, and popping the collar! I love it!

Dress #1 -- Hollywood 1400 (1938)

First dress of the new year!! I've made this dress before in the past, but always the shorter version. This time -- I decided on the long version: LOL goofy pose. I tried to take a good photo, but this dress just isn't as flouncy as the pattern illustration suggests (LOL I should know 30s patterns are super-stylized!). It just doesn't "sit" right and I admit I've lost so much weight that 1930s size 18 is now too big! I made no changes to the pattern. It just doesn't translate well as the long version so I'm going to shorten it so it's wearable. My inspiration was the Wizard Of Oz Beauty Parlour, lol.

Things Women Over 40 Should Never, Ever Wear....

Mary Jane Shoes Yoga Pants.I don't know. When you work out as hard as I do, you're darn right I will wear my yoga pants! Graphic Tee Leopard Print/Faux Fur combo Skinny Jeans.Pair them with a graphic tee and mary jane shoes for the faux pas trifecta. Bold Prints Anything Low-Cut/Too Sexy.ZERO complaints about this dress!Apparently, women over 40 look "desperate" if they dress sexy. Weird, I was MEGA DESPERATE when I was an idiot 25 year old. Now, I rock it so well, 25 year old men bypass their desperate 23 year old counterparts and hit on me! Skulls Hair Bows.Admittedly this was a Halloween costume, but I'm not above putting bows in my hair. Cutesy Vintage Dresses This Pippi Longstocking Braids Chunky Jewelry Peter Pan Collars Sweater Clip.I saw this on one of those lames lists. Apparently, it ages you. If you haven't figured it out by now, this list is a joke. I'm 41!! Wear whatever the fuck you want!