Thursday, January 5, 2017

Things Women Over 40 Should Never, Ever Wear....

Mary Jane Shoes

Yoga Pants.
I don't know. When you work out as hard as I do, you're darn right I will wear my yoga pants!

Graphic Tee

Leopard Print/Faux Fur combo

Skinny Jeans.
Pair them with a graphic tee and mary jane shoes for the faux pas trifecta.

Bold Prints

Anything Low-Cut/Too Sexy.
ZERO complaints about this dress!
Apparently, women over 40 look "desperate" if they dress sexy. Weird, I was MEGA DESPERATE when I was an idiot 25 year old. Now, I rock it so well, 25 year old men bypass their desperate 23 year old counterparts and hit on me!


Hair Bows.
Admittedly this was a Halloween costume, but I'm not above putting bows in my hair.

Cutesy Vintage Dresses


Pippi Longstocking Braids

Chunky Jewelry

Peter Pan Collars

Sweater Clip.
I saw this on one of those lames lists. Apparently, it ages you.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this list is a joke. I'm 41!! Wear whatever the fuck you want!


  1. Wear all this myself and I'm 46 (not sure how I got here so quickly). Don't care what anyone says either. :)

  2. I will be 42 in a few weeks and I wear all of these things! And I have Bettie bangs that I've been rocking since I was 19! I will never stop.:)

  3. Wear what you like! I'm 42 and find the older I get, the fewer fucks I give. It's great.

  4. Ever since I lost 170 lbs (shithead ex-husband who controlled what I wore) I have never felt so "ME" and I'm loving it just a bit too much LOL.

  5. Hell yes! I'm 50 and will wear want I want -- and in the LA area -- everyone else does too:)

  6. Those lists crack me up. Sweater clips?! XD

    Can I ask where you got the awesome mary janes?

    1. I like in Colorado Springs and I bought them at a lovely shoe shore here called Podiatryst.

  7. I'm so mad in love with the pink flamingo peekaboo dress!!! tell me you made it and there's a pattern you can direct me to???

  8. never mind i found your post on it. love it so much!!!


Dress #8 -- Simplicity 7382 (1976)