Sunday, March 20, 2011

Clarine Seymour (1898-1920)

There was an actress in the late 1910s named Clarine Seymour and she died in 1920 following an operation. Her cause of death was "strangulation of the intestines." She entered films in 1917 and mostly starred in cheesy shorts with a popular clown of the day (Toto).

It wasn't until DW Griffith took a liking to her in 1919, put her in some of his films, and she began making name for herself. Clarine shines in a few movies she got to make with Griffith. She was Clara Bow....before Clara Bow. Clarine was a 1920s girls before the 1920s ever started.

In 1920, just when she was getting good reviews and her star was begining to rise she went in for an intestinal operation and died on April 25, 1920. I always wonder what would have become of Clarine had she lived. Would she have faded out with Griffith or would she have adjusted to "flapper" roles? We'll never know.

From a 1928 Photoplay "expose" of all the bad luck that had befallen Griffith stars! LOL:

From a 1923 Motion Picture magazine article about all the stars who had since passed away:


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