Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Trying to keep up the fashions!

Last week I wore this. I made the dress from a 1938 nurse uniform MANY years ago. It was originally longer, but I shortened it a bit. It is inspired by the band Client at the time:

Button detail because I wanted to give it a "uniform" look:

The coat was from an estate sale. It's from the 1970s, I think. I don't think I paid more than $2.00 for it:

I couldn't find anything about "Janell's", but "Youthcraft" will bring back a bunch of vintage coats from the 70s and 80s. What makes me feel weird in this outfit is the old me vs. the new me. The dress was indeed inspired by a band I was into in my old lifetime (who I still like), but the coat is from the new era of me. One thing I don't like to do is "go back", but I guess if you got a perfectly wearable dress that I made myself I should rock it until the seams rip open. And there you have the weekly vintage fashion.


  1. It's fun seeing your old sewing creations. I feel like sewing was the only thing that kept you sane during that time.


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