Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage Uglies!

If you have been keeping up with me on Fedora, you prolly saw that I have recently been ALL OVER that "Golden Era's Ugliest Clothes" thread. Lol. If not, I bring it to you here.

I don't want any of you lovely dames getting your girdles in a tangle, either! I am the queen of tacky/obnoxious/overly-colourful/ugly so please do not take any of this as a personal insult. As I always say, it's better to be ugly than mediocre. At least ugly is striking and has character. Mediocre is just BLEH. Enjoy.

Ugly sweaters from 1948. The "musical" sweater gets an "A" for effort, but it is just executed poorly. Too much going on that I don't even know where my eye should go first! The "bucking bronco" sweater is just all wrong and the squirrel sweater is ugly because I can't stand squirrels!

Ugly shoes from 1939. Just the square-toed ones. *cringe* Anything that makes my feet look like duck paddles are bad news. I also don't like the "manliness" of them. Give me overly-girlie, please!

Ugly dress from 1935. The one in the middle. Those sleeves remind me of worms. If you know me, you know that I am deathly terrified of worms/caterpillars. I'm also not digging the neckline and everything that's going on there. This dress reminds me of Scarlett's curtain dress for some reason, but Carol Burnett's version. Lol.

Ugly dresses from 1949. Just about all of them :/ Especially the pink on bottom with the pilgrim shoulders. Blech. 1948-49 seemed to have the ugliest fashions, in my opinion. If you came walking into the room wearing the pilgrim chic I would stare at you. Lol. ;)

Ugly robe from 1949. Just the one with the serenader on it. So incredibly ugly. I know it was drawn over to enhance the design for the print -- let's just hope it wasn't so ugly in person!

Ugliest blouses ever, from 1946. They really do look like a pillowcase. If I were to wear these I would appear to have fat upper arms and very large boobs. Not the look I want! I have a pattern and will one days make this monstrosity out of scraps to prove my point of it's unflatteringness....

GROSS sweater thing from 1948. If you like someof the other stuff on here, yea, ok, I can understand it. It's not my personal taste, but different strokes, etc. BUT THIS! Is so effing fugly I can't even comprehend it. Lol.

More from 48/49. Lol. I don't know if this is ugly or not, but it's certainly amusing. Lol. I wouldn't wear it. Lol.

Ugly dress from 1945. This reminds me of heavy metal t-shirts in the 80s when they would get old and people would try to make them all fringe-y or Robin Hood-y. Lol. I don't like it. The very fact that it reminds of medieval stuff really puts me off it because medieval is my least favourite historical time period :(

Well, I hope that was painless to you. I know some people get in a wad about this kind of stuff, but like I said, I can understand if someone else might like this stuff (except that fug sweater vest thing), but I just don't see the beauty. Oh well :)


  1. If I owned that squirrel sweater I'd wear it EVERY DAY. LOL

  2. LOL!!! Those sweaters at the top were clearly the inspiration for the hideous novelty sweater trend for women AND men (Bill Cosby) in the 80s. In fact, the musical one reminds me of this monstrousity that I HAD to have when I was a teenager. EEEKS! Those square toed shoes = super uggo!

  3. Squirrels are so annoying. They get into my shit and my dog tries to chase them. LOL. PESTS.

  4. I almost like the squirrel sweater, but it'd be much cuter with puppies or kittens or something. There certainly is a lot of ugly stuff out there.

  5. Have you seen my cowboy/cowgirl sweater?! I do wear it every day! And seriously, I was contemplating a few of those "pillowcase" blouses for summer. They are so typical 40s, I feel powerless to resist! lol

  6. Hook me up with the bucking bronco. I'd hit it!

  7. I'm not gonna lie, I love those boxy shoes. I totally would have wanted some, especially when I was in highschool :D

  8. Maybe I'm "nuts" (ha ha ha--groan), but that squirrel sweater is awesome. I'm now contemplating making one.

    When life gives you squirrels, make Brunswick stew!

  9. Good joke, it.

    That sweater really would rule if it were doggies. And instead of acorns maybe paws or bones. That would look good and I would wear it.

  10. I disagree with some of this (esp the squirrel sweater... wtf, it's adorable!), but this is pretty much the best entry ever.

  11. I'll post more ugly shit when I find it. I already have some ready for another post!! Lol ;)

  12. I love lots of cowboy-themed sweaters that I've seen...but not that one. They failed to think of boobs. Mine would make that horse look like a mutant! I do, however, love the squirrel sweater, though I admit those squirrels look a wee bit scary. But I'm probably not the best judge as I love so many novelty sweater patterns from the 40s. :)

  13. I'm a fan of the squirrels, but the horse sweater is less bucking bronco, more poor old nag about to trot into the great stable in the sky.

  14. I will say that I love that shoulder style - is it a dolman? The one that's like a pillowcase? I have kinda chunky upper arms, giant boobs for my frame and small shoulders, and that shoulder style is one of the few that suits me right off the rack. If I could sew custom dresses though, everything would have a slightly poofy set-in short sleeve and a Peter Pan collar.
    I do love some ugly stuff though. I would SO wear that chenille serenader robe.


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