Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decades of Style #3011 -- 1930s Stardust Skirt

I'm back! And I'm sewing again. Why? Because I have lost nearly 20 lbs and I'm back to "normal" pattern sizes again. I stopped sewing for a while because I had gained 30 lbs. I was outside the "normal" range of sizes for most patterns. Gaining 30 lbs was absolutely unacceptable to me so I did something about it. One of the many rewards is being able to sew again. And just to be clear -- I am CRAP at resizing patterns! That is the main reason I didn't sew. That, and I knew I would lose it :)

Ok, let's get started. I recently made Decades Of Style's 1930 Stardust Skirt. I love it!

Now, I'm not the best I mainly just sew for fun and for myself. But after not sewing anything really for a while, it was nice to do it again! And I hadn't forgotten!

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