Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sewing Roundup

Decades of Style #3004 1930s Shaped Seam Skirt:

I sewed it on the 32" waist line and it came out much too large! Sew down a size if you buy this one. It can be worn down on my hips, but it makes for and awkward bagginess. It also gives it 30s length because I did accidentally cut the hem a tad too short! Ooops! Overall, love the skirt and love the look of it. As Decades of Style suggests, a solid colour material is much better so the seam is visible. I'm just on a checks kick!

Butterick 5895:

I made the top only. Sewed it on the 38" bust line (I'm a 39" bust!) and it's HUGE. It's supposed to have a bit of bagginess to it, but there is just so much room in modern patterns that I never got the hang of them. I disliked this pattern because I'm used to real vintage -- where you cut out shapeless squares and then it's up to you to shape them and put them together. This pattern had everything put together for you (as in, the collar and tie was on the blouse front piece) and I found it confusing and difficult. The end result is alright I have not made the jeans yet.

Hollywood 1322 dated 1937:

Why of course this one is my favourite! Sewing it was wonderful. All the dots and clips matched up perfectly. The fit truly is 38 bust and 41 hips! One of my very favourite dresses. Vintage patterns are the best!

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