Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dress #15 --McCall 8059 (ca. 1933-34)

I made an easy peasy 1930s skirt today. It had three pieces total and the instructions were all tore up:

Lol. Good thing I didn't really need them! The actual pattern pieces were in usable condition, though a bit brittle. I will have to trace them onto tissue paper when I make this again (oh, I will make this again!) But now, on to the results:

Tatty pattern!

Made from 100% polyester. Putting it together was so quick and simple. There are fancy pleats at the bottom of each side seam. When I walk you can see them -- they give this skirt that classic 1930s flare! I'm so excited for this skirt because it's REAL 1930s and the shape and fit is spot on. Repro 1930s skirt patterns always fall short somehow.

My pleats! So happy! Modern patterns don't use pleats enough!

Yea, in the pleat picture you can see my not-so-perfect machine hem. And the flash brings out my dog's hairs (which are inescapable in my apartment!). I also accidentally put the zipper on the right side instead of the left -- but these are things I really don't give a shit about, lol. When I wear it, the average, non-sewing person won't even know/notice/look for it.

It was so wonderful working with a real 1930s pattern again. They go together like magic and the fit is EXACT (no stupid ease!) Last night, in a moment of weakness, I ended up buying 10 patterns from the 60s-80s costing me a total of $23.00 (shipped!) Oh, I have a sewing queue, too. Several projects lined up!

I'm also still working on that thing that was "out of my range." It's actually for my husband and he ordered a few bits he wants added to it so I had to put it aside for now. Next week it should be done. Stay tuned.


  1. I have been wanting to learn how to do those kick pleats. Were they difficult to learn from the pattern?

    1. They take a lot of patience, but they are relatively easy. I like to hand sew the inside.

  2. Oh! That's super cute. You're right repros don't do the era justice. I would never have guessed that they have kick pleats on the side rather than the back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How excellent! I'd never have imagined a 1930s pattern could be simple. (Though it all looks complicated to me; I can't sew!)


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