Monday, September 8, 2014

Dress #27 -- Hollywood 1322 (1937)

Hola! So happy with this dress! After my last failed 30s dress, this one is always a pleasure to make (my third version!) I made it in two days, everything goes together perfectly, and it fits perfectly! You can see my second version at the end of this old post! But here is the September 2014 version:

I swear I ironed But....I don't care about such things as made evident in my last post ;) I can't rave enough about this pattern! I'm pretty sure it's my favorite in my entire stash. This time, I decided to do the neck inset and it came out marvelously! The back upper neck has a slash and a button:

According to the directions, you can either face the entire neckline OR you can put in the inset and put bias around the slash. Well, I managed to FACE the back!! I thought the bias looked weak and unclean. I caught the back of the inset into the facing and it came out perfectly. I tacked the rest of it down into the shoulder seam. The button I used is totally wrong, but I didn't have a white one in my stash. One day I might fix it. If not, my hair will cover it!

So that's my "Satisfying Sewing" project. I think whenever I make a boring dud I should make this directly after to get my sewing swing back in gear. The last dress I made kinda took it out of me. Bleh. And just for fun, here is a little peak into my closet:

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  1. Wow, such a terrific and colourful wardrobe! And you look terrific in that dress!! :)


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