Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dress #5 -- VPLL 2830 (ca. 1927)

I am beginning to be on a roll with my sewing. FINALLY after such a terrible year. My latest creation is from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library:

This is my second attempt at a 1920s drop-waist dress. My first attempt was when I began sewing in 2008 and it wasn't very good, lol. THIS ONE, though, is a success. I chose it because I thought it would challenge me, but it really wasn't that difficult -- despite how fancy it may appear. I would say the Decades Of Style 1930s Button Dress is more difficult.

I used fabric my grandmother gave me before I left Philadelphia. It's a classic "plastic-y" polyester, but I am ok with it. The red is kona cotton I had in my stash. Right now, I have to work with what I already have ;) When I was making the dress, my serging happened to be yellow. Blue + Red + Yellow =

LOL. Once the dress came together and the serging was neatly sewn away inside, it began to look more like a flapper dress and I started to "unsee" the Flying Monkeys. While making it, though, I kinda thought it had a nice look going with no sleeves. It works and is era appropriate:

As for the actual paper pattern, there were no flaws or bad drafting. Everything came together and stayed where it was supposed to. The instructions were fine and the illustrations were very helpful (I mostly use these when I'm sewing!) VPLL patterns are always very good. I might even make this one again someday.


  1. That is btrilliant and I love the colour combination. Amy I have followed your blog for a few years but never commented, however I have to say that what you have been through this year is not dissimilar to my 2013 and I shall be cheering you on all next year and beyond.

    1. Thank you! I'm finally starting to get back to "normal" and moving on with "Lifetime #4" (as I'm calling it!) It's still tough sometimes, especially at age 40. I sometimes feel I've lived all I can. I finally have no ill feelings about anything that happened in 2015. That's a good step. Just gotta get this feeling of uselessness out of my head and I'll be ok :)

  2. Great job! I always wondered what the VPLL patterns were like, they look so tempting! :)

    And pshaw on living all that you can by 40 - I'm 44 and still kicking tush and taking names! *lol* :) Keep on keeping on, starting anew at this time of life is the best!! :)

    Merry Christmas! :)

    1. Thanks! Merry xmas to you, too! I still can't shake this feeling, I'm sorry to say. I just feel I'm done here. Once I make my next dress, of course ;)

  3. Love love love!! The twenties are my favorite era and this dress is stunning!!


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