Monday, October 24, 2016

Dress #18 -- Marian Martin 9381 (1938)

I've had this pattern for years. I made it once in 2008 and it came out odd, but I decided to try it again now that I am a slightly better sewer. Nope. Didn't like it at all.

I actually started sewing this dress in June or July and I stopped because it annoyed me so much. First of all, I hate that inset. HATE. It's 4 pieces of fabric folded over which makes it bulky and stupid looking. No idea why so thick. So stupid. Second, the bodice just sucks. I knew I avoided gathers and kimono sleeves for a reason. Both are not my taste. And third -- this dress pattern is TOO BIG! I look frumpy and matronly in it. I have it cleverly pulled back to fit for the photo ;)

The most interesting thing about this pattern is the newspaper pieces inside. Enjoy!

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  1. Time to find a new home for that pattern? If it's not been right twice, it'll probably never be right.


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