Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dress #23 -- Butterick 6413 (1950s repro)

A Gertie success. I made this in a day! I made no changes other than I didn't line the skirt. I prefer slips to extra bulk in the hip/butt area, lol. But looking at these photos, I think my hips and butt are disappearing from all the working out I'm doing.

I made this dress a bit snug on purpose. Nothing looks worse than a loose, frumpy wiggle dress. Especially with that sexy little peekaboo hole. I have narrow shoulders and I was afraid the sleeves would not sit properly, but I was amazed they sit right where they should. No fighting them. I have D cups and I find the bodice holds them in ok without a bra. I would wear this one on a date. Love it.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dress #22 -- 1930s French Knickers

My first self-draft!! I made these using the Vera Venus tutorial and the drafting part was easier than I thought. Naturally, the fit is perfect. But sewing these babies up was very annoying!

Let me stress it wasn't the instructions -- it was my fabric choice! LOL. I used a satin flat sheet. The fabric was very thin and slippy and the thread kept puckering. BUT. I made it work. I actually plan to make a Cinderella blue pair in a less thin/slippy fabric.

Meant to be edited lol

I am impressed with how they came out. EXACTLY what I wanted! Give them a try!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dress #21 -- Very Easy Vogue 8319 (1992)

I made this in one day out of an old IKEA bed sheet! I love the colour combination of steel grey and pearly pink so that's how I made it. Other than that -- really easy and no changes were made. The princess seams and flared skirt are always flattering!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dress #20 -- Simplicity 8248 (1930s repro)

I was sooooo happy when I first saw the new 1930s Simplicity patterns. After endless toddler and apron patterns, their last few batches have been very impressive! And I knew I had t make this one!

I made a size 12, which finished garment measurements say 39 bust and 40 hip. Having lost quite a bit of weight, I'm now down to a 37 bust and 38 hip and I was actually worried this dress was going to be too big. But it came out a bit snug, so it runs a bit small. Five more pounds and I will probably fit it just right ;)

The only change I made was I added 2 inches to the hem. I didn't think it was "30s" enough at the original pattern length. I also inadvertently added a nice 30s flare! Lol.

The pattern wasn't difficult. I might actually make this again in a knit fabric.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dress #19 -- Simplicity 1105 (2015)

I LOVE THIS ONE! A lot! I usually don't go for the shapeless sack dresses, but I liked how it emphasizes the long legs and I knew it would look good on me. And it does.

I made it in one day. It was super easy. The only modification I made was I used bias band instead the facing from the pattern -- didn't like the way it sat. The "fabric" was chosen on a whim. I actually didn't plan to make this one straight away, but as I was cutting out the pattern pieces I saw my old Target Halloween tablecloth poking out of my stack of fabric. A lightbulb went on in my head (rare) and this dress was born. I knew the fabric had to be somewhat stiff for the dress the flare just right. The tablecloth was perfect.

Too bad it's verging on winter here. This dress feels like I have nothing on and it hides my bad parts while emphasizing the good! I guess I can look forward to wearing it in the spring!

Dress #5 -- Simplicity 8485 (1969)