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1914 Fashions IN COLOUR!

Every now and again I used to pick a random year from the 20th century and post the colour fashion pages from Sears catalog from that particular year. It's time to bring back this post today with colour fashions from 100 years ago -- 1914. Enjoy.

Dress #18 -- Simplicity 5130 (1972)

Pilgrim, nun, Lizzy Borden, librarian, Victorian axe murderer....all words used to describe my newly-made dress. As it sits on the dress form, my husband says, "It looks like it's about to start moving and chopping me up!"

Dress #17 -- Simplicity 3833 (1960s repro)

Hey there! My weekend sewing has come to an end. I have to put the machine away for a bit before my back stays in a permanent hunch! Hehe! Last night and most of today I completed the 1960s reissue Simplicity 3833 shift dress. Once again, I am impressed with Simplicity's perfect sizing to my figure. The results: I paid 0.56 cents for this in an extreme JoAnn pattern sale! The main fabric used is Alexander Henry's Vinyl Vacation that I bought at J&O. As I was making it I thought the blue bodice was just, well, too blue. And it began reminding me of scrubs. During the process of putting it together I hoped it wasn't going to end up looking like fancy scrubs! Or even worse...a maternity dress! I always get nervous when my dresses are in that half-sewn "sack" stage. I know I shouldn't ever judge how the final product will look in that stage, but I always do! I was kinda worried about all that BLUE so I decided it needed something to break it up a…

Dress #16 -- Simplicity 4044 (1940s rerpro)

Wow. Today I sewed from noon until 10pm! I realized it was 7pm and I had forgotten to eat all day! Lol. I finished the skirt from Simplicity 4044, which is a 1940s reissue. I had the plaid material left over from my 30s skirt and it turned out like this: The pattern I made it a little snug in the hips on purpose. I usually truss myself up when I wear my creations out so I take that into consideration when checking the finished garment measurements. The skirt was very easy to make -- just 4 skirt pieces and some waistband facing. And a zipper. I hand sewed around the scallop so this skirt took the better half of the afternoon. I never got the hang of sweetheart/scallop bits on the machine so I find doing them by hand turns out better. I'm already about 60% done my next dress! Ha! This blog can't keep up!

Dress #15 --McCall 8059 (ca. 1933-34)

I made an easy peasy 1930s skirt today. It had three pieces total and the instructions were all tore up: Lol. Good thing I didn't really need them! The actual pattern pieces were in usable condition, though a bit brittle. I will have to trace them onto tissue paper when I make this again (oh, I will make this again!) But now, on to the results: Tatty pattern! Made from 100% polyester. Putting it together was so quick and simple. There are fancy pleats at the bottom of each side seam. When I walk you can see them -- they give this skirt that classic 1930s flare! I'm so excited for this skirt because it's REAL 1930s and the shape and fit is spot on. Repro 1930s skirt patterns always fall short somehow. My pleats! So happy! Modern patterns don't use pleats enough! Yea, in the pleat picture you can see my not-so-perfect machine hem. And the flash brings out my dog's hairs (which are inescapable in my apartment!). I also accidentally put the zipper on t…

Dress #14 -- Simplicity 8485 (1969)

I started making this one about three weeks ago, but I developed a very painful boil under my arm. I had to have it lanced and today was the first day I've felt "myself" -- so I finished up my dress! As it sat unfinished, I wasn't feeling it. At first I made the side panels white, but the contrast was way too stark and I just didn't like it. So I decided the entire thing would be zigzag. As I top-stitched the side panels, it occurred to me that a fancy strip of white bias would set it off. The collar is a bit off, but I don't care. I didn't know those two front petals would be so long and floppy, but that is how they are supposed to look, apparently. I lined up all the dots and did the correct seam allowances. Oh well. My hubby says it looks "60s" and that's good enough for me.